India needs our help now!

While hospitals in India are fighting for every life, number of newly infected is reaching a new record of 360.000 a day.
Donate now and help us save as many lives as we can!

The world is mobilizing at a fast pace to prevent the worst possible scenario from happening in India. UNICEF in Serbia takes responsibility and launches a new humanitarian campaign for providing a necessary help for people of India.

Your donation will help UNICEF to save lives. With your help we will be able to:

open new oxygen production plants across India

provide fast and accurate testing in the most affected areas of the country

help HCPs overcome the crisis and start providing services for children

expand the supply of coronavirus vaccines

The second wave of the pandemic in India is four times more devastating than the first one, and the infection is spreading much faster.

Hospitals and health centers are overcrowded and can barely cope with the huge number of newly infected.

UNICEF in India is working tirelessly to meet the growing need for medical supplies and equipment and to help children and their families cope with this difficult situation.

If help does not arrive on time, the situation will worsen in the next few weeks. With your generous donation, help the people of India to survive one of the biggest crises so far.