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Help parents prepare their children with disabilities for life

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In Serbia, there are around 60,000 young children whose parents need help in preparing their children with disabilities for life. The most intensive development of the child’s brain happens until the age of six, and that is why the development depends on our ability to provide the best support to children during those crucial early years. When children with disabilities are included in an early intervention programme on time, the development is normalized in more than 70% of children, while around 20% of children require long-term support.

Parents play an indispensable role in supporting the progress of a child with developmental difficulties, so they should be involved in the early intervention programme as soon as possible. As the child’s natural environment, the family home is the most suitable place for stimulating the development of young children.



How can you help starting today?

Your donation to early intervention centres will enable:

  • children with developmental disabilities to start with early interventions, on which their future depends, as soon as possible,
  • moms and dads to get timely expert support to prepare their children for life,
  • buying assistive technology that helps improve the stability, seating and mobility of children (handrails, handles, walkers, wheelchairs), improving communication and participation in daily routines and increasing or replacing the signal for children with impaired hearing and vision,
  • refurbishing spaces for children, equipping libraries and purchasing didactic materials,
  • equipping premises for counselling and group work with parents,
  • experts to also provide the necessary support to families in smaller towns.

It is easier to fight difficulties together.