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Our vision for the future is a world in which every child is healthy, safe, educated, cared for and protected and in which all children can make the most of their potential.

Become a member of the Friends of UNICEF Club

Members of the Friends of UNICEF Club are united in the belief that every child deserves an opportunity for a happy childhood and the determination that we as a society are obliged to provide them with it. Your monthly donations are the foundation of children’s hope for a happier childhood. Become a member of our team!

Dad, mom, we are with you!

In Serbia, there are around 60,000 young children whose parents need help in preparing their children with disabilities for life. The most intensive development of the child’s brain happens until the age of six, and that is why the development depends on our ability to provide the best support to children during those crucial early years.

Plavi klub

Plavi klub je mreža poslovnih lidera i eksperata koji svoju strast, energiju i pamet ne ulažu isključivo u uspeh svog biznisa, nego i u dobrobit dece i održivost društva kome pripadaju. Plavi klub okuplja članove koji zajedno s UNICEF-om dele zajedničku viziju budućnosti u kojoj svako dete ostvaruje svoje potencijale i odrasta u društvu ravnopravnih prilika.

So small they could fit inside a heart

In neonatal intensive care units in Serbia, every day a struggle for survival unfolds. There, tiny prematurely born babies bravely fight to live another day, a bit stronger than they were the day before. Support these little giants’ struggle to help provide them with the best conditions for the start to life.

Children in Ukraine Need our Help

The conflict in Ukraine represents an immediate and growing threat to the lives and wellbeing of 7.5 million children from this country. Humanitarian needs are multiplying by the hour as the conflict is escalating. The needs are urgent and include the provision of necessary supplies, medical equipment, protection and humanitarian financial aid.