Become a member of the Friends of UNICEF Club

Members of the Friends of UNICEF Club are united in the belief that every child deserves an opportunity for a happy childhood and the determination that we as a society are obliged to provide them with it. Your monthly donations are the foundation of children’s hope for a happier childhood. Become a member of our team!

India needs our help now!

While hospitals in India fight for every life, number of new covid cases is reaching a new record of 360.000 newly infected a day. UNICEF in Serbia has launched a new humanitarian campaign to provide help to people of India. Donate now and help us save as many lives as we can.

COVID-19: Children – hidden victims of the pandemic

The Covid-19 virus is placing people’s lives at risk and causing unforeseen consequences for children, families, nations, societies. The health, social, and economic risks facing parents have a major impact on the development of children. Solidarity in difficult times is of key importance for us to jointly manage the challenges we face.

So small they could fit inside a heart

In neonatal intensive care units in Serbia, every day a struggle for survival unfolds. There, tiny prematurely born babies bravely fight to live another day, a bit stronger than they were the day before. Support these little giants’ struggle to help provide them with the best conditions for the start to life.