Friends of UNICEF Club

THE FRIENDS OF UNICEF CLUB is becoming a bigger and more influential team with each passing day. Each member of the Club, through regular monthly donations, small or large, enables the creation of a better world for children, a safe environment without poverty, violence, exclusion and uncertainty.

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Support UNICEF programmes

All children, regardless of what challenges they encounter in life, can achieve full potential if they get love and proper care from their parents or caregivers and receive timely and adequate professional support of the health, social and educational services in the community in which they grow. Every child deserves a fair chance in life– your donation helps UNICEF make a difference for children in Serbia. Join us and help us create a better future for every child.

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Early childhood development

The first years of life are the most important for the physical, emotional and intellectual development of a child. Young children achieve their greatest potential when they establish a strong emotional connection with adults from the very beginning and when they grow up in safe and healthy conditions that provide them with a variety of opportunities. Experience has shown that for young children and families the most effective programs are comprehensive, which include health care, nutrition, early childhood education and social protection. You can support UNICEF “Early Childhood Development” programme with a one-time donation by completing the steps listed below. Please fill out the form.

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Take action and save lives of prematurely born babies in Serbia prematurely

We believe that a future where every child is born to thrive is not only possible, but necessary. Together with you, we will work to make this a reality.

Take action and save lives of prematurely born babies in Serbia!

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COVID-19: How you can help

UNICEF is obtaining essential supplies and medical equipment vital to combat the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of infected people is increasing dramatically worldwide. Your donation is a direct help to save the lives of the population and reduce the negative effects of the pandemic on the health system, social care services, and children's education.

Global solidarity is what can make us more resilient and better prepared to fight against the global pandemic.

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Help for COVID-19 patients

The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate. Pregnant women, newborns, children, young people, the elderly and middle-aged people can be infected. We are all potentially at risk and each one of us may need an oxygen flowmeter for oxygen therapy.

We want to provide another 1,000-oxygen flowmeters to meet the needs of a growing number of vulnerable patients.

The price of one flowmeter is 32,000 RSD.

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