The Friends of UNICEF Club

Members of the Friends of UNICEF Club comprise individuals and companies who, together with us, participate in creating better conditions for every child in Serbia.

Through joint work, we strive to ensure that children are not neglected with regard to public policies, resources, and attention. We place an emphasis on the social inclusion of the most marginalised children and adolescents.

The programmes which we implement include early childhood development, healthy childhood, inclusive education and child care system reform, child justice, solving the problem of violence and providing adolescents who have begun to veer off the right path, with another opportunity to achieve their full potential. UNICEF also provides assistance in emergencies caused by disasters such as earthquakes, floods and conflicts.

In all situations, our goal is to reinforce systems – health care, education, social protection, for the benefit of children and all those who work with them. To provide certain standards, guidelines, skills and quality services for children and families. At the same time, we also work on strengthening the demand for services of the systems in order for parents and children to be aware of their rights and encouraged to demand them. We gather evidence that serves as a foundation for designing policies and programmes and we work in partnership to ensure that our work yields maximum results.

While a majority of the children in Serbia have access to health care services, education and social protection, there is a significant number of children who live on the margins of society and those children are not provided with the same opportunities to achieve their potential.

106,000 children under the age of 18 live in absolute poverty. 350,000 children under the age of 17 and 130,000 young people aged 18-24 are at risk of poverty. 20% of children have not received all of the recommended vaccines. A total of 11% of children from poor families attend kindergarten, 45% of children aged 1-14 experience violent disciplining at home, and in Roma settlements that percentage is even higher (67%). Only 48% of children under the age of 5 from the poorest quintile have three or more books at home. Adolescents aged 15–17 have a slightly higher probability of being anxious or depressed compared to adolescents from younger age groups.

Members of the Friends of UNICEF Club are united in the belief that every child deserves an opportunity for a happy childhood and the determination that we as a society are obliged to provide them with it.

Through their monthly donations, in line with their wishes and means, members of the Club help us ensure that health care services reach every child, that children attend kindergarten, that they have a quality education, that they live in families that will support them to have equal opportunities in life.

Become a member of our team! Your monthly donations are the foundation of children’s hope for a happier childhood.